Hey everybody! I made it to Northern Outdoors, which is a lodge in the tiny town of Caratunk, Maine. It took two and a half days to make it here from Stratton, and we were fortunate enough to have good weather to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In this section I saw a helicopter circle in and land on the adjacent peak. I hiked my fastest pace yet, completing 18.7 miles before 2:00. I also found a new hiking buddy, pictured here:


This pooch must have been a hunting dog who wandered off, and he followed me for three miles to the ferry crossing and road, where the ferry operator got him back to his owner. Poor guy was plum tuckered out.

The most exciting news however, is that we now have a tentative schedule laid out for the rest of our trip. We should hit Monson on the 29th, and head into the hundred mile wilderness. At this point it looks like we should summit around the 6th, depending on weather. This trip that seemed like such a monstrous undertaking is rapidly coming to a close.

I have nothing insightful to say about it, it just feels weird. Another update soon.






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