We have reached the town of Stratton, ME. With less than 200 miles to go, it’s really beginning to feel like our journey is coming to an end. We’re meeting all sorts of new hikers, as everyone seems to be rushing to converge on the northern terminus of the trail, Mt. Katahdin. Here are a few things that I have learned in the past 10 days:

– Even though we are finished with the White Mountains, southern Maine is still really hard.

– The term “town” has a much looser definition in Maine. Andover consisted of two small general stores, a breakfast place, and a hostel.

– Rangeley is an awesome town, and has a Colorado sort of feel to it. The Farmhouse Inn is one of the best hostels on the trail.

– Wind chill has a huge impact on temperature when you are exposed and at high elevation.

– This part of the country is beautiful when the leaves are changing.

– The two-weeks-left point is where everything on your pack will probably start to fall apart.

– I am apparently a talented seamster, and quite gifted at creative pack repair.

– No obstacle is too difficult to overcome if I approach it one step at a time, alongside my friends.

The next town is Caratunk, then Monson, then Millinocket, then we go for the summit. I like my trail family, and the fellowship of hikers looking out for each other out here, and it’s sad to think of being separated from that so soon. It’s also really cold, and we need to finish soon so we don’t freeze to death. I plan to enjoy every moment of these next two weeks. On to the Bigelows, I’ll update soon.







1 thought on “Stratton

  1. janice kingsbury

    Oh my goodness, how you have grown spiritually, emotionally and with such self consciousness. So proud to know you and so glad you decided to fulfill one of your dreams.

    Enjoy every moment of challenge and joy.

    Still miss you, Janice


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