Gorham, almost to Maine


I am the walrus, coo coo cuchoo.

We made it through the white mountain national forest! All sorts of people have been warning us about the difficulty of the whites for several months, and boy were they right. This has been the most strenuous section of trail we have encountered yet, and the drop in our daily mileage reflects that. However, with the increased difficulty came increased beauty, and the views from above treeline have been exquisite.

This park is unique in that it contains a system of fully staffed huts that provide shelter for hikers, and a nice place to eat and spend the night. They are basically very expensive cabins, but thru-hikers have a chance to do a work for stay each night. Kat and snorlax and I took advantage of this option, and hopped from hut to hut. We washed dishes, swept the bunkrooms, scoured pans, and stacked firewood, in exchange for a dry place to sleep and leftover food.

I was told I should expect to lose five pounds through the whites, but due to the hospitality of hut staff, and the generosity of day and section hikers, I think I came through about five pounds heavier, with an extra day and a half of food.

Once we got to Gotham, we reconnected with hustle, flow, tinder, and birch. The whites are over, but we have been told that the section from here to Andover is the toughest of the whole trail. Whatever, I have my crew with me. We’ll be in Maine in two days. Bring it on!







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