New Hampshire: Into the Whites

Kat and I are a few days into New Hampshire, and are just a short distance from the southern edge of the White Mountain National Forest. We were delayed slightly in Hanover, at first by the amazing food and generous people, later by Kat’s cold, but we’re feeling good and are ready to take on our biggest challenge yet. The park begins with a technical climb and descent over Mt. Moosilauke, which we will be tackling today.

Last night we stayed at the Hikers Welcome Hostel in Glencliff, which was an interesting experience. This is a converted house and yard that has modern amenities disguised behind a rustic appearance. After completing our resupply, we joined the other hikers in enjoying the hostel’s expansive DVD collection, watching The Inlaws, Beer fest, and Super Troopers.

With that last dose of civilization, we head back into the wilderness. From here on, accessible towns become fewer and farther between, and the definition of town must be broadened. Today is our five month hike-iversary, and we hope to finish in 30 days. Wish us luck, here we go!






2 thoughts on “New Hampshire: Into the Whites

  1. janice kingsbury

    Wow Kyle, I was impressed before, now I’m Uber-impressed. Eloquent in words, stunning in photography, thank you for the update. Hugs from us while we adventurize vicariously through the two of you!

    Janice and Bill

  2. Postcard

    Proud of you guys. By now you’ve already fallen trying to just get down Mooselauke, nuts, uh? Stay focused and stay happy. Well done you two. The best is ahead of you now. Cherish these weeks even though they’re toughhhhh, you are now mountain climbing machines. 4000 foot climbs…I spit on you. ~ Postcard


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