End of Vermont

Hey everybody. Kat and I, and the rest of the rough riders are staying with a cool guy named Warren, about a mile and a half shy of the New Hampshire border. Since last update we climbed Mt Killington, which is a big resort mountain in Vermont, and for the adventure we decided to “sky-blaze”, taking a free-for-hikers ride down their gondola.

After taking care of some chores at the outfitter, and picking up an amazing mail drop (thanks mom) we got picked up by Hustle and Flow’s family friends. Lee and Anna put us up for the night, and fed us expertly. After an awesome nearo, we got back on trail and continued to push forward.

The other highlight of this stretch was celebrating Tinder’s birthday at the Lookout cabin, of which I inexplicably have no pictures. This was a cool private cabin that’s open to hikers, and the unique feature is an observation deck on the roof. We shared the birthday cake that we hiked out, and stayed up for the best star watching of the trip to date.

Today we will probably spend the day taking a culinary tour of Hanover, and doing our chores. More to come. Two states left!!






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