Camp cooking

It’s official, I have peaked. The culinary masterpiece of my life has been created, and it has taken the form of an enormous sandwich.


To recreate this work of art, start with half of an artisan loaf of four cheese bread from the bakery section of your grocery store. Lay the bottom slice on a sheet of aluminum foil and add:

– one layer of cracker barrel aged reserve Cheddar cheese
– one layer of bridgeford pepperoni
– one layer of deli ham
– another layer of pepperoni
– another layer of cheddar cheese
– a layer of chopped green pepper

And finish with the top slice of bread, coated with a Frank’s hot sauce packet.  Wrap that sucker in two layers of foil to allow for even heating, “panini press” it flat with a rock, or rock-like object, and place directly on coals, flipping and rotating frequently.

I wanted to come up with an original name for this sandwich, and since it is large, and since my name is macgyver, I call it the “Big Mac”. I have to do some research to make sure that isn’t already copyrighted, but I think I should be fine.

In other news, Vermont is shaping up to be a beautiful state. The mud has persisted, but rodent problems have diminished. There have been some spectacular views from fire towers, from which we caught a sunset and sunrise. The only complaints I have are the combination of rainy weather, and the density of people on this section of trail. In addition to the large Nobo bubble, there are now Sobos, Long Trail hikers, section hikers, and several large college freshman orientation groups to contend with for shelter space. It makes me wonder about conditions for thru-hikers next year, with the normal increase in hiker numbers, and the potential mainstream popularity increase of the trails with two big hiking movies coming out.

But we are hiking with our buddies, and the other folks in our bubble are great as well. Ultimately, I am still having a blast, and would trade this muddy, buggy, exhausting experience for anything. We are just shy of killington, VT, and soon we will only have two states to go. I’m pumped, let’s do this!!






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