We made it to Massachusetts! All six of the ruff ryders are hiking together now, and we’re having fun. Since Salisbury, we did some road walking, and stayed at the east mountain retreat center, where visitors practice a vow of silence. There we celebrated Odysseus’ birthday with a pizza party.

After that, we got sucked into Upper Goose Pond Cabin for two days. This is a free cabin that houses 14 hikers on bunks, and many more on the floors or in tents, and provides free pancake breakfast. They also have canoes and kayaks for the pond, and board games and puzzles to pass time. We holed up there for the rain, and lived almost like people for a time.

Once we finally escaped the comforts of the cabin, we hiked into Dalton to tent in Tom Levardi’s back yard. Last night we hitched to the Old Country Buffet, and got our money’s worth. Tomorrow we start the mountains, beginning with Graylock.






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