Hot springs, in and out

Getting back on the trail after our zeroes felt really good. After some much needed rest in Newport, (and admittedly not a lot of rain) we cruised into hot springs in just about 48 hours. Not wanting to get stuck in town again, we decided to nearo in and out of town, taking care of our chores as quickly as possible.

First we had to hit the post office before they closed at 10:30, then met Tinder and Birch for a big breakfast at the diner. After that we needed to do some laundry, procure a shower, resupply on food, stop at the outfitter for superfeet and other odds and ends, get dinner, and get out of town before we were tempted to stay and pay for lodging. Hot springs is a very hiker friendly town, so getting all that done was easy and enjoyable. It was also cool to run into some folks that we thought had left us in the dust.

There was a music festival going on that weekend, which we weren’t able to attend, unfortunately. It ended up working out though, because outside of town the trail zigzags up the side of a steep hill. We passed a number of hikers camped along the river, and you could kind of make out the music from the other side over the roaring water. We couldn’t find any spots, and decided to continue on up the hill, and ended up keeping pace with the sunset as we climbed, with the water getting quieter and the music getting clearer. We ended up with a beautiful site to ourselves, and music providing ambiance for our campfire. It was a great day.

Pushing on to Erwin, a powerfully stale heat ambushed us, and Tinder ran into some issues with dehydration, so we shuttled into Erwin early to heal up, and rehydrate. I’ll update when we recalculate our plans.





Trail magic tally:
Cold soda
Vitamin water
A ride from Miss Janet!


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