Top of Georgia

After a wonderful rainy zero day, we got back at it and started to increase our mileage. We took 11.5, 13.4, and 13.5 mile days to get to Dick’s Creek Gap, and the Top of Georgia Hostel. The weather was a bit chillier at first, but still beautiful, and yesterday I didn’t see a cloud all day.

On a side note, I’m not sure hostel life us for me, or at least this ratio of bathroom (singular) to people. Nice to sleep in a bed at least.

We are going into town for a resupply today, and then doing a half day of hiking, gearing up for a 4-5 day stint to Franklin, into North Carolina.

There’s a good crew of people travelling at our pace, and we’ve made friends. They gave me my trail name. I have been dubbed “Macgyver”, or Mac, for helping someone untangle their bear bag in a tree with a very long stick. I find this preferable to my other name suggestions,” just kyle” or “bubbles”.

Now, it’s on to new trail, a new state, and new adventure!




Trail magic tally:
Another yuengling (seems to be a standard selection down here)
Fruit snacks
Goldfish crackers
Granola bar
Dried pineapple
(People are awesome)


5 thoughts on “Top of Georgia

  1. Lisa Franklin

    Mac gyver perfect fit for you 🙂 sounds so awesome. I know u had good weather to start but some cold air came in and wonder if you got some snow on the mountains ? Do you get enough to eat ? What’s your favorite treat ?

    1. kfloodhiker Post author

      Yea, the cold finally caught up to us. We were one day behind the snow at the Siler Bald shelter. I shorted myself a bit on food the first two sections, but Ashli and others had some extra so it worked out. I over compensated the next and had too much, but this section feels like I’m starting to zero in on it. My favorite treats are probably the baby bell cheeses, or pepperoni, but I have been sprinkling bacon bits in just about every dinner, which has been nice.

  2. Lisa Franklin

    Hey Klye just sending you couple AT facts. The Palmerton Zinc Pile is one of the country’s 1319 Superfund cleanup sites. In the early 1900′s the town of Palmerton, PA was home to a fairly large zinc smelting operation. Smelting operations ended in 1980 and the site was added to the National Priority list under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act in 1983. Smelting activities at the site emitted large quantities of zinc, lead, sulfur dioxide and other contaminants that resulted in the defoliation of the 2,000 acre area. The AT takes hikers up to the site by way of Lehigh Gap through one of the more extreme climbs that can be found south of the White Mountains. The trail used to take travelers directly through the site but in recent years has be rerouted around the border of the Superfund to assist in the revitalization process. The Superfund is also home to the most polluted water source on the trail. It is recommended that most hikers avoid the aptly named “Metallica Spring” unless they haven’t gotten their recommended daily dose of heavy metals…
    5. The elevation gain/loss of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 16 times.


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