Starting out

I was not prepared for the 84 degree weather getting off the plane in Atlanta, but I was totally ok with it. We have been SPOILED rotten with this weather. Shorts and a T-shirt for the first 2 days of hiking. It’s beautiful out here.

I am thrilled.

We’ve met some amazing people so far, and one really awesome dog. We just got into neels gap, and split a cabin with a father and son team from Maine. Life is good. We might take our first zero tomorrow to avoid some rain, but who knows. 

Thanks for all the well-wishing. Phone battery drained the first night, and service has been really hard to come by, but I’ll try to get something up every week. Tune in for more trail news!




Trail magic tally:
2 yuenglings
Chips and salsa
Smoked Gouda
sarah lee pie
2 mojo bars
(People are awesome)


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